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Shredding Guitars, rumbling Drums and deafening Bagpipes are in for the win.

Smacking keys like fleas and shooting planes in games. Making rhymes whilst wakking for dymes.


There we go again; Reading, patching bloody PCs up, sticking plugins into a WordPress installation until the server blows. Watching the logs how the server blew. Fiddling around with code and ever new projects. Wasting time trying to give you a picture of the whole.
A nice evening enjoying a good shortfilm-binge. And last but not least women of course! ;-P, Not to forget nature, mystery in histery – ahem, history – and all the bizarre and untold stuff out there.
So, anyway; Stay sharp and have a rocking time!

WordPress Origin Story

Occasionally stumbled over WordPress about 2007/2008. Just saw it a couple of times in the searches and toplists about CMS. But then someone caught me on the phone and asked about WordPress. He made it clear, that it would be a decent way to live from.

Later on a friend back from school taught me about Concrete5 and so I started to work with him. It took me some time until I got back to WordPress, as I looked for an easy managed way to publish web content. Used blogger first, but then switchted over to and wasn’t happy with the prices.
Again I dropped it and after half a year older buddies told me about their LED grow shop’s not taking off. Fresh to online marketing I eagerly agreed and we had a Magento shop first. But then, the owner and developer thought it would be a good idea to make it through with Drupal. For me it was overkill and a time shredderer as I took over when the guys left the LED shop behind. One went to study and the other went on a job.

Good things happened as time came for a sale on a swiss host – saw WordPress in the back office and I had to try – especially as it was one of the few web apps being updated and kept progress with newer PHP versions. So I’, stuck to it and like to tinker with all the stuff and plugins.

The best is, even n00bs get their website on. Seeing the proudness – and almost tears of joy, haha – in their eyes just like “My first website and I didn’t understand a thing he said.”

So press the word on and cheerio! =)