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garbage disposal reviews Garbage disposer – electrical appliance that allows you to get rid of most of the food waste. It acts quickly, and most importantly – safely and hygienic. It is set in a drain pipe under the sink.

The principle of waste disposer operation is crushing, not shredding, which is why the device is safe. Crushing jaws recycle food waste in the trash and send it down the drain.

Garbage disposal can process small meaty bones, chicken bones, peel of bananas and vegetables, watermelons, fruit pits, napkins, paper towels and cigarette butts. But do not throw in food waste disposer hair, polyethylene, corn cobs, fish scales, large meaty bones, onion peel, thread and metal objects. If there was ingress of unwanted objects then disposer is switched off, as it has an automatic overload protection, in addition, it is equipped with emergency stop button. After switching off we can extract the stuck object from it.

The device is easy to use – turn the stream of cold water, then disposer, throw waste into the drain, after a few minutes garbage will be recycled, then you must turn off the waste disposer, and then the water. The device operates almost silently.