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Retired army veteran.

Part of my timeline:
1988. Commodore 64 BASIC, assembler for microprocessor 6502/6510
1991.-1995. War black-hole
1996. Microsoft Access VBA
1999. Microsoft VB 6.0
2001. Specialist for Teletext systems, especially for sports results broadcast on these systems
2003. BASIC for Mettler Toledo embedded industrial terminals
2005. Microsoft VB.NET and T-SQL
2006. Specialist for sms services. The best ASP (Application service provider) for the sms services on the biggest mobile provider in BiH for one year
2008. Retired as an honored war veteran, with a few medals for the successful completion of tasks
2009. Embedded systems, full stack developer of the agriculture surveillance system, firmware, electronics, and web
2010. VoIP systems, asterisk server admin, full stack developer of the “Call Shop” solution for the local market
2013. Full stack developer of the wireless sensor nodes for agriculture
2015. Finally decided to jump over from VB.NET to C#
2020. It’s my time for PHP and javascript
2022. Dive deeper into the WordPress plugins world
Well, I do a lot of jobs for the local market. Sometimes, it was much under world prices, because we are a pretty poor market, and I am just a developer who likes my freedom and wants to do my job well and honestly.
I am not a PR or commerce guy (girl) who will pack sometimes sh*t into nice and shiny paper, who will “take the money and run”.
Today, in my fifties I am happy with every healthy and sunny morning.
It is all I need today.
My life moto for this decade of life:
“It’s never too late…”

WordPress Origin Story

As a patriot and retired war veteran with some developer skills, I decided in 2020. to do something more for my country which has much suffered throughout history. I will cite JFK:
“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,”
From the authoritarian communist regime, we have inherited some bad habits.
One of those habits is that politicians are the center of our universe, everything starts and ends with their will, and they are the alpha and omega in our lives. So, in every corner of our lives are policies and politicians.
One of our problems is that sometimes politicians tend to lie or twist the truth.
As I wrote above, like a war veteran I am really angry when they lie about history, about events in which I participated. Also, they often force differences between citizens of my country, only for their own goals.
Comments on our local daily news portals are full of hate and violence.
Because of that, my first contribution was in the past few days with an update for the BAN Users plugin.
In the last few years, I have found enough time to put some history books on the web.
Hope that in the next years will come some more history books.
All my today work is for free, I am a volunteer.
So, I decided to join WordPress because it is the best cms for achieving my goals.
I hope that I will also find time to contribute with some plugins or just update some good old plugins.
Well, in that regime we also have some good things, like a group “Tehnika narodu” (Technik to the people), which is a forerunner of open-source 🙂

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