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I’m 61 now, I live in Mobile Alabama now, I graduated from Tate High School in Cantonment Florida. I left soon after graduation to California, land of opportunity(haha) but I did learn a few trades there and migrated around the country, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, North Carolina Florida again then Alabama.I was a regular kid, curious about a lot of things and couldn’t settle down doing just a simple job, I had to fgure out everything. I learned a lot about life along the way and about a lot of different things in life, from construction to tool work and cooking, now that I’ve gotten to the point where I need something easier to do I decided to try my hand at marketing. From the beginning it seemed like the best way to go, I could learn two things at once, computer programs and marketing. I started in this about October 1, 2018 and now I’ve really learned the main thing is to be cosistent, it seems like a lot of people go this route and quit before they make anything and from what everyone says they just needed to stick with it longer. So I’m in it for the long run. I plan to keep this up and see where it leads me and I’m going to write about my trip.

WordPress Origin Story

I’ve heard of wordpress and blogs for a long time, I got onborad with a marketer a few weeks ago who has a better way for getting an audience and seggested I get on wordpress. I’m learning now a lot of other things too but I’m going to focus on wordpress and YouTube.

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    If I can use it then it had to be easy

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    I can't believe how easy this was

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