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20 Years Experienced Full Stack Developer. Strong experience in local language websites, their SEO & social media promotion. Official Developer for Marathi Language Department of State Government of Maharashtra. Developer of Marathi Encyclopedia website & Marathi Dictionary website. Marathi is one of very few languages in world having own encyclopedia. Marathi Dictionary is developed in Drupal8 with 350,000 entries and growing.

Highly experienced in PHP, mySQL, Drupal (7, 8, 9), WordPress, Cordova, Framework7. I have implemented proprietary pronunciation independent search for Marathi Encyclopedia as Marathi language have caveats while using vowels. My role is to provide complete solution from concept design to mobile app. I suggest Drupal for multicontent websites and user engagement by means of connecting similar content. I also teach to BSCIT & BSC/MSC students and guide them on projects.

Some of my works :

Marathi Language Department, State Govt of Maharashtra
Directorate of Language, Govt of Maharashtra
Marathi Encyclopedia Original | मराठी विश्वकोश : प्रथमावृत्ती
Marathi Encyclopedia Crowdsource Edition | मराठी विश्वकोश : ज्ञानमंडळ
Vicco Laboratories Corporate Website
Vicco Laboratories Estore
Association of Parents of Mentally Retarded Children
Design Photo Studio
Hindi Vivek Magazine
MLA Ravindra Chavan
Baba Vardam Theatres
Saath Trust : Thalassemia NGO
Sindhugenous Social Entrepreneurship Project
SRM College, Kudal
बहुविध : मराठीमधले पहिले आणि एकमेव ऑनलाइन मॅगझीन
धनलाभ : मराठीतून गुंतवणूक सल्ला
टेंब्ये स्वामी महाराज
साहीत्य संस्कृती मंडळ
राज्य मराठी विकास संस्था
खरेदी विक्री संघ, कुडाळ

Personal Drupal Website : (warning : always incomplete!)

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