I am me and you are you. While it is common for us to differ in opinion you must remember that the facts are the facts and your opinion is wrong if it’s different than mine.

On another note, it has been commonly understood that during mating season, my armpits smell like wet farts. Medical Science can’t explain it, so don’t ask me to either.

If you’re wondering why I’ve still bothered to keep typing ramblings that do neither of us any good, just imagine what would become of a bored ninja-killer (that hyphen means I kill ninjas, not that I’m a ninja that kills…don’t act like you already knew, we both know you didn’t). 🙂

Every once in awhile I come back to this and add a quick little paragraph just to see if there is a word limit in this text box. Partially because I’m curious and partially because I’m curious. I guess that means it’s entirely based on my curiosity after all.

This is the last line of my “about me” in this profile, though I’ll probably add more later on another day/night of boredom.

It’s another day of boredom, so I feel that I must add some more information here, thought, I really have nothing of value to say. That being said, I’ll end this non-value comment.

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