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My primary interests are government and economics or I suppose “political economy”. But I do know a bit about WordPress, PHP, MySql, HTTP, HTML, APACHE, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery.. Also c, Gawk, Perl, and Bourne. Korn, and Bash. Long ago I was a hardware dude using assemble on CDC 24 bit machines with 6 bit bytes. Then I learned Fortran before c. I am 71 yrs old last March 2016. I am working on my first plugin and figuring out hoe to “plug it in” to the repository without looking like an idiot, or causing smoke and such.

WordPress Origin Story

My involvement with Wordprsss began in late 2011 when I became the de facto systems administrator for the OccupyTacoma.org website and then became the WordPress administrator when the site was hacked the following January. It took me more than 2 weeks to glue that site back together, but I did get it done. I moved the site to a new hosting service, installing everything anew and then installed the old (hacked) database. That was when I discovered that the site URL was all over the database tables. So I dumped all and wrote a script to find all the urls and fix them. I then spent the next 2 months trying to fix the serialized data. But the site was live and being heavily used for action planing and general assembly meetings and reports and such the whole while. There is a tool for doing this move stuff now, but at that time I knew not. I thought about trying Drupal, but I had so much invested in WordPress that I decided to just stay with it.

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