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  • information at a small organization working for people with brain damage. at Hjärnskadeförbundet Hjärnkraft (swedish)
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i just make wp-sites and am extremely pleased with that. all i want is for things to work, and i couldn’t code php or anything else but old-fashioned html, for the world.

other than that, i’m old enough to have worked with photography professionally for some 12 – 15 years or so. i’m also a photo-theory-geek. i live with three cats and a dog.

oh, and i’m also cute 😉


photography, photography theory, building websites with wordpress, philosophy, my family (that is; the cats and the dog i live with), vampires (you can do nothing but love true blood).. well, lots more than that, that i can’t think of right now!

oh, i’m also a liberal when it comes to politics.