My passion has always been about helping individuals and companies succeed. Over the course of my web development and design work experience, I’ve become deeply engaged in helping clients extend their reach and increase sales through social media strategies that get results.
It can be confusing to develop a cohesive strategy for:

understanding which platforms work best for your industry
engaging your audience in meaningful ways
sharing tips and best practices
providing solutions to your customers’ needs

I have achieved some status as a “thought leader” in the social media space and am active on most social platforms. I’m always on the look-out for new approaches to social engagement and innovative ways to use what already exists.

Since 1996 I’ve been designing and developing websites using proven organic SEO methods (Search Engine Optimization) to help mid-sized businesses “get found.” I’ve trained marketing teams to understand the influence of quality content and strategically produced blogs, created dynamically branded profiles for a wide variety of social platforms and as an email consultant, crafted newsletter campaigns that have reached nearly 2 million subscribers.

WordPress Origin Story

I learned WordPress about 8 years ago after almost 15+ years as a HTML & CSS developer. I love WordPress and I have been leading the Boulder WordPress meetup for about 5 years. 2017 is my third year speaking at WordCamp Denver.

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