I am a graphic design, web design, print, and marketing professional with over 30 years of experience. I add to the mix, virtual environments, and avatar-based marketing.

Through our D.B.A., Virtua Media Group (, I provide graphic design, web design, marketing, and media production solutions.

With J&G Unlimited, LLC., I am VP & CMO. J&G is a theatrical licensing firm where we represent theatrical playwrights and composers and constantly seek to build solutions for the unique needs of the theatrical community. To license these works, we operate under the D.B.A., TLC Scripts (

In 2022 we spun off our production department into its on non-profit organization known as Gypsy Stage Company (


Virtual Worlds, building websites, graphic design, second life, creating 3d environments, learning new things, learning/creating animation and 3d video, video production

WordPress Origin Story

It was so long ago now I don’t fully remember. I remember fighting it for the longest time, trying to stick to frontpage and html but then frontpage went buhbye and I found myself here ;).

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  • Job Title: VP, CMO
  • Employer: J&G Unlimited, LLC.
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