My name is Jeff Behnke. I am a Entrepreneur – Engineer – Developer – WordPress Magician. I have been working in the web development industry since 2006 and love learning everything about it. I spend my days building high performance sites for businesses using WordPress and building solutions to solve problems that businesses are seeking to solve.

I have a high level understanding of website performance, security, many programing languages, markups, and programing design. I am proficient at HMVC, HTML, XML, CSS, SASS, PHP, MySQL, SQL, NoSQL, JSON, jQuery, JavaScript and have very a good understanding of C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, JAVA, PERL, Python, Ruby.

I feel passionate about working with OpenSource projects such as WordPress, OpenCart, CakePHP, CodeIgniter and numerous plugins, features, modules, themes and other resources for these OpenSource projects.


OpenSource, WordPress, Programming and Photography

WordPress Origin Story

My WordPress history dates back to version 1.5 where I had my first peek at the platform, but I did not run my first website on WordPress until version 2.0 was released.
In 2008 when 2.5 was released, the new admin panel brought some excitement, which is also when I started freelancing and closed my construction business. My freelancing was mostly custom phpBB themes and modifications but by 2009 I was building full site/community packages for clients using phpBB and WordPress. These sites usually involved me building custom matching themes for phpBB and WordPress including building an additional enhancements via plugins and mods.
To this day I make my living freelancing, building custom WordPress themes and plugins for client sites. Most of the work I do is for designers, and larger agencies building custom WordPress themes from PSD designs and solutions that usually involve building custom plugins.

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