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professional translator – EN, ES, FR, PT


running, art, music, photography, gnu/linux, hacking (software dev, not cracking)

WordPress Origin Story

I haven’t used a WP blog on the WP{.com,.org} site in a good long while, now, but aside from translation, I do web design, development, and hosting on the side (see myownsite.me, which is a dokuwiki, but most of the listed client sites are WP. Those that aren’t WP are either DW or custom-built/no CMS, although there is still one Joomla (ugh…)).
For most of my clients I end up installing WP, because it’s so easy to install and setup, maintain, etc., and for the clients to admin on their end (much simpler than other platforms, like drupal, joomla, etc.), and I’m using it for my own business site (baldwinlinguas.com) now (used to have a drupal, but what a freaking headache to keep updated…).
I’ve installed hundreds of WP installations now.