I’m WordPress user, developer, and contributor. I love that WordPress invites me to be a constant learner. I make new (to me) discoveries every day, and I’ve come to be inspired to contribute to the platform in any way I can.


Mixed Martial Arts, Reading, Anime, Hiking, Off-Roading, Camping, Cats, Video Games

WordPress Origin Story

I started as a WordPress blogger. Even as a noob, I loved how customizable and intuitive my WordPress site was and I enjoyed trying the latest themes. I began building websites for family and friends, who gave me the grace to learn and make mistakes. This bit of knowledge helped me get my first paid Web Development job where I had the opportunity to create, build and maintain several WordPress sites for a company. During WCUS 2023, I was further inspired by the community to begin contributing to Learn.WordPress as an Editor and begin giving back to WordPress.

I am currently the Updates Team Leader at the best WordPress Support company in the world: NerdPress! I get to work on my favorite platform every day with some of the coolest people.


Tina Collier contributes 4 hours per week to the Training team.

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  • Employer: NerdPress
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