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Hi, I’m Andreas, but I like to call myself VOiDProXy because it sounds all mysterious and something from a 90s hacker movie.
I am a PC Gamer armed with a keyboard, mouse and at times a joystick. When I don’t blog I like to play World of Warcraft on Emerald Dream, play Minecraft with my Wife, Battlefield 3 or Team Fortress 2.


I like to play PC Games, blog and hang out with my friends on Social Media. Typical 2010 internet behavior.

WordPress Origin Story

I’ve always love Content Management Systems (or CMSs abbreviated) and came across a site/blog in 2005 that was using the default WordPress theme at the time which I can’t for the life of me remember the name of now.

However, I was impressed with the way the site looked and how it performed, I just HAD to know what this CMS was. I downloaded a copy of WordPress and installed and never looked back! 😀