Jazz pianist. Perpetually passionate and occasionally manic creative sort. Pursuing a Master’s of Theological Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Daddy of a particularly cantankerous hedgehog named Winston. Chai addict, yoga enthusiast, recovering gamer, nap devotee, and open-source addict.

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WordPress Origin Story

I don’t even remember my first switch to WordPress — it was probably a personal site of some sort, but I quickly hopped on the web design train and started using my paltry coding knowledge to create WordPress sites for a swiftly mounting number of clients.
Since then, I’ve attended WordCamp in SF and started digging into the forums. I’m still reviewing most of the forums to get an educated gist of how best to respond and with what advice, but I *love* learning and I *love* working with people and helping them create custom solutions for very particular problems.

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