Hi! I am Binit Ghimire, an undergraduate Computer Engineering student from Nepal, permanently residing in Bharatpur, Chitwan of Province 3. Currently, I am engaged in web development and web application penetration testing.

I am highly active on social medias, especially Facebook, and sometimes I use Twitter and LinkedIn as well. I spend my free time learning about different things related to computing. I am also an active member in Ask Buddie, a technology-oriented help-and-support community on Facebook.

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I like helping and supporting people solve their problems and issues regarding Computers and the Internet directly through social medias or by remotely accessing their devices, mainly related to Web Development, Web Application Penetration Testing, Web Server Setup and Maintenance, Web Designing, usage of different softwares and applications or resolving issues underlying in their assets.

For the information about me and my familiarity with WordPress, you can go through my WordPress Origin Story, as I have explained everything in a detailed way there.


Web Development, Web Application Penetration Testing, Web Server Administration, Programming, Networking, Video Content Creation, Remote Tech Support, etc.

TheWebniverse™ is a fictional corporation, which hasn’t been registered yet, but I hope to start a company with the same name in the near future.

WordPress Origin Story

I started using different platforms like Weebly, Wix, Mixxt, Yola, etc. back in 2012 to build websites for myself, generally for phishing purposes (just to fool my classmates) or to build a personal landing page. I was highly enthusiastic about game development and game modding at that time, but I had no hands-on programming knowledge, and I used to depend on visual tools to build things.

When I was just getting started in Grand Theft Auto game modding, I saw a couple of other guys from Nepal who were already into game modding, and were working on building fully modified Grand Theft Auto games separately, built on top of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas or Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and both of them were of my age. The place where I got this information at was their blogs based on Google’s Blogspot/Blogger platform, and I was able to obtain their contact information from their blogs, and as of now, both of them are my good friends since 2012. I was highly inspired by their websites, and hence though about starting my own blog based on Blogspot where I share tips and tricks related to different stuffs in the field of computing and computer science. So, you can say, I started blogging in 2012, but still I had no idea about WordPress.

But, later on in 2014, when I was looking for better alternatives to the web building platforms I mentioned at the beginning, I reached over to, and thought about trying it out. I wasn’t much able to customize the website due to the limited features in, and hence, I decided to give a try to blogging on WordPress. However, I was familiar with the working environment on Blogspot, and as a result, I decided to stop using WordPress, and came back to Blogspot again and continued using it for the next 2 years. I had already started learning about web technologies at that time to build websites from scratch, rather than depending on web building platforms in 2016, and during that time, there used to be a group of Nepali YouTube content creators, where one of the two friends I mentioned above was working on his website based on WordPress. I didn’t like a bit about WordPress till then and used to prefer Blogspot over it, but I started seeing more people saying good things about WordPress, and therefore, I jumped over to WordPress, but not for blogging, as I had started losing interest in blogging in late 2016 or early 2017. The main motive behind starting to use WordPress again was to find out how it is making use of different web technologies, especially PHP, and also to build my own websites with WordPress. Despite losing interest in blogging for around a year, I decided to get into blogging again in the same niche for some months in 2017, but I was still depending on Blogspot to build my blog. In fact, I never used WordPress properly until then.

When I was learning backend development with PHP in 2017, I decided to get started in freelance blogging as well, where I used to write blog articles for websites of some blog/website owners or digital marketers based in Nepal. While writing on their websites, I found out that most of them were using WordPress over Blogger, and I got a lot of hands-on experience with WordPress while writing for others’ websites and blogs. So, I also decided to start using WordPress, but for testing and researching purposes on how to build good-looking websites and blogs with WordPress using different themes, plugins and custom-coded scripts. Until now, I have never run a publicly available website of my own based on WordPress, but behind the scenes, I have been running several websites based on WordPress to test out different features, plugins, themes, etc.

As of now, I am so much familiar with WordPress, and would highly recommend everyone who is getting started in web designing and blogging to prefer WordPress (.org) over other available web building platforms and content management systems out there.

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