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In the 39 years of his life, Jake Wheat has used his creativity to launch several projects ranging from Internet radio, theatrical productions, and is most known for his hosting of “The Waverly Hills Sanatorium Audio Experience,” which is available on iTunes, and the face behind the lovably sinister voice of “The Caretaker” which appears on that soundtrack. The “Waverly Hills Sanatorium Audio Experience” is an 80 minute audio tour of “The Waverly Hills Sanatorium,” which is located in Louisville, Kentucky. Deemed as one of the most haunted locations in the United States, this audio recording was produced in 2002, and additional content was again recorded in 2005. This 80 minute tour contains the history of Waverly, the many ghost stories that surround the building, and actual recordings of paranormal occurrence that happens to us while we are recording, including a very scary EVP!

In 2006 Jake Wheat started a non-profit cancer research charity, released two CD’s that raise money to fight Ewing’s Sarcoma, after the death of his friend Steven Mackin. There were two CD’s that were produced by Independent artists to raise awareness and money for Ewing’s Sarcoma research, and over $5,000 was raised to aide in that mission.

In 2009, Jake Wheat Co-Produced the Louisville, Kentucky phenomenal success “Evil Dead: The Musical,” and enjoyed watching the production come to life for the enjoyment of hundreds of people who attended. Wheat is no longer involved with the production.

Wheat was responsible for launching “UndergroundLou.com” an Internet based radio station which primarily played music from hardcore bands in Louisville, Kentucky. This is where Wheat gained a loyal audience, and was able to connect with people though this “newfangled form of media.” Wheat then discovered podcasting, and began interviewing artists on the “StreetBlast Artist Interview Podcast,” and then found solace in his work – which engulfed him into a “new media” birthing role in the country music industry. After the Internet Radio station expenses grew due to governmental regulations, UndergroundLou.com closed. Jake Wheat now maintains and operates “StreetBlast Dubstep Internet Radio,” which can be found at www.StreetBlast.com.

Jake Wheat recently published his first novel “The Spaghetti Seduction & Other Delicious Super Gay Erotic Stories.” This release is the first in a collection of gay themed novels Wheat has written, and contains fictional and auto-biographical elements about his life in between the pages. The book has sold hundreds of copies, and has generated a buzz among the gay community due to the modeling efforts and publicity by Str8Cam.com’s model and Owner Jeff, who modeled naked to promote the book and also graces the hardcover edition’s cover. | VISIT THE OFFICIAL SITE FOR THE BOOK (Contains full frontal male nudity, 18+)

Wheat’s second book “Blue Soldier,” is a short story about two soldiers who fall in love during the Civil War which caused controversy among historians and literary critics as being historically inaccurate, and also caught the attention of Civil War enthusiasts who countered with homophobic comments about the content.

Wheat’s third book “Furieux,” a gay erotica short about a rock star who decides to end it all, which has received rave reviews as a classic short story due to it’s message that fame, money, and the need for love do not always go hand in hand.

Wheat’s nexxt release, the one act play “KaLaZza!“, tackles sexual identity and the issue of gay suicide. The play was originally written when Jake Wheat attended college at Murray State University, and is about one man who attempts suicide due to his sexual orientation. While clinging for life, the main character confronts the various manifestations of his own psyche in his mind, and one by one discovers that one of them is ultimately his own “murderer.” The play connects people to social issues, but also drives home most importantly self exploration with various metaphors and “dream state abstracts.”

Stepping out of gay fiction, Wheat decided to turn his vision towards something more whimsical. ”I love gay fiction, and writing gay erotica, but I am also a big horror fan. I decided to turn my interests towards exploring this genre for the Hell of it.” His first tackle was a collaboration with a Canadian cartoonist Michael McPhee to release “This Is Not Your Kid’s Halloween COWERING… er Coloring Book,” which is a gory horror Halloween coloring book for adults. ”It’s something that I have always wanted, a Halloween coloring book for adults. I couldn’t find one, so I made one.” Wheat said. In October 2012, Wheat released his coloring book to the World and received rave reviews, and even a new fan base. It was then that Wheat embarked on a new journey, a full novel/coloring book/horror story that would raise the bar and break new ground.

“Color or Die,” Wheat’s latest book was released in February 2013, and is regarded as one of the most “controversial,” and “offensive” works to date. Following the story line of a serial killer cannibal, Wheat teamed up (again) with Michael McPhee to create a full novel, paired with coloring pages, to create the ultimate horror fans dream. The book contains two versions, one with the cover featuring a regular clothed victim, and the other containing a victim who has no clothes at all. The story inside does not change with the variance in the cover styles, and there is plenty of sex, nudity, violence, SIN, and cannibalism to fill a serial killer museum. ”I scared and grossed myself out plenty of times writing this book, so I know my readers will feel even more compelled to be terrified by what I have created here. I was glad to get this published, and feel that I am only growing stronger in my writing and creating characters that people will love for years and years to come.”

“I have done theatre, I have released CD’s, and I have done my share of charity. The new projects are mine, and is 100% me. When I am writing I feel like I am in full control and one with these characters. I have grown to love them, and I am not ashamed to put myself out there on such a vulnerable level.” Wheat said.