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I am a woman who loves to be creative, it’s not just crochet and knitting that I work with in my spare time, it is also sewing and painting.

It’s relaxing to be creative and it helps me to get my thoughts in place.

I live in the countryside with my lovely man, we have 3 adult children. I enjoy lovely time with our family, which means a lot to me.

On a daily basis I work as an Pedagogue there supports and helps children and young people with many different things that affect their development.

I’m a big coffee drinker, and also keeps a great pot of hot tea. In between there must also be room for something delicious, therefore I love to bake cakes, and they are best when I experimented with different recipes. But there also enjoyed wonderful food, and it turns into a lot of different meals.


Crochet, knitting, sewing, paint, make beautiful designs for the home, bake cakes and make nice food, family, friends. good walks in the woods, which helps the mind to relax. Nature, documentaries, society, psychology.