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Since my early childhood I’ve been fascinated by Sci Fi, futurism and fantasy. I loved watching the original Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and Star Trek: The Next Generation on TV.

As a grown up, I still love everything geek. I love to read Sci Fi and fantasy novels; I love to experiment in the kitchen and tinker with my website, learning new things about PHP, JavaScript and CSS.

When I’m in a serious mood, I am practising my Catholic faith; work for a media company and raise environmental awareness.

WordPress Origin Story

I started using WordPress during college because I wanted to host my own podcast. This wasn’t possible using the free WordPress.com service at the time, so I purchased a domain name and hosting and started tinkering with it. At one point I spent more time on tinkering with the code than on writing actual content.

Since I speak Dutch and English on a near-native level, I developed an interest in making my own translations using PoEdit. Later on, I also developed an interest in accessibility #a11y, online security and privacy issues.

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