tapCLIQ is an AI based CX automation and Front-office RPA platform. It converts
messages into conversations, connects feedback with action automatically, learns intent
and automates engagement processes with interactive messages & intelligent RPAs. The
video here explains what the product does.

tapCLIQ is the first intent-driven engagement automation platform. We have pioneered Interactive message
technology that generates 1st party customer intent data @ scale and powers the platform.

WordPress Origin Story

We build these amazing bots to improve customer experience. tapCLIQ bots are for all websites who wants to improve engagement and understand their audience to improve conversions.

We love WordPress because it enables millions of start-ups and we wanted to help them as well. We wanted to reach all new eCommerce companies and offer advanced analytics and front-office RPAs.

Our team started building sophisticated bots with low-code implementation, and if can work smoothly with WordPress websites giving them an upper edge of having an enterprise grade software.

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