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WordPress Origin Story

WordPress sounds simple at first, however once you understand it; you really would see the value of this amazing Content Management System we call WordPress.

I started blogging back in 2010 and I did some research and came across 4-6 of the most popular blogging platforms and the 2 I liked the most were WordPress and Blogger. I figured, hey why not start with the two and then just share content on each network at least to get started. I quickly started to love the platform, honestly no so much with Blogger and I hate to say that.

Few weeks have passed by now and I just did not see the free version suitable for me any longer as I wanted something more custom and so I joined hostgator and started my very own Custom WordPress Website for my Business.

We are talking about 5 years ago now and comparing the current platforms available, I really cannot see myself without my Custom Business Website Powered by WordPress; as I like to call my baby.

Today my company Hernandez MasterMind LLC specializes in Developing and Designing Custom Build Marketing, Sales, Product, Membership, Ecommerce type Websites and all Powered by the one and ONLY WordPress.

I cannot lie when I say, I love WordPress.