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I am a mother of two kiddies in beautiful sunny California. lice I know, don’t hate me too much. I love photography, going to Monterrey with my family, and taking walks in the brook by my house. Head Lice treatment is a big interest to me and my family since my daughter got it from school. Ever since, I looked for a great way to kill the little bugs, and I finally got it down. I decided to create a lice killing book and sell if on my new website. I love working online, but kids always come first.

I also love talking with friends online, or offline. Photography is fun for us lately. Hey why not. there’s more to life than just work or kids, right? I love this site, I will probably be here for a while just looking around and chatting with you guys. Thanks for all the amazing help and info. I LOVE it, and I don’t have to go hunting all over the place for the info I need. It’s pretty much all right here. So thanks for that you awesome guys!
Anyway, if you want to check it out visit us at www.licetokill.com anytime, and if you have questions, please ask anytime also! Glad you came to visit, it was great having you hear! I hope you have a wonderful day!! -Sheila