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By: Vidal Sassoon

WordPress Origin Story

I asked my friend Luis, graphic designer and web page, to make me a website for my new small business. He told me that at that time he could not do it because he had a lot of work and he lacked time.

I remember that at that time, in 2010, for me Internet was something like Chinese language (that simplified), I used it only to do some sporadic search.

A few days later my friend called back and told me to come and visit him, which would explain how I could create my own website. This left me a little perplexed because I had not the slightest idea how I could do my own web, but my curiosity can more than my doubts, so I took my car and I went to visit it. Then he taught me and I discovered WordPress.

At first it seemed like a whole world to me, but it immediately hooked me up and I fell in love with WordPres (with my wife’s permission, of course!). In a few weeks I created the website of my new company, had little competition, surely I should have liked Google and I started to invoice …

Since then I have not stopped working and learning, and right now I have two businesses that work with WordPress. By the way, now my friend Luis calls me when he has any doubts …

Moral: Some people see things as they are and ask: why? I see things as they could be and I say: why not ?. (By: John Fitzgerald Kennedy)

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