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I am a full-time caregiver for my mother who has Alzheimer’s and I also love to design and build websites, mainly my own at this point: Soulblazed.com .. I am a simple person, yet well expressed & strive for everything I do to be the best, most high quality as possible. I admit, I’m not perfect, as nobody is, but I can’t say I don’t strive for perfection.. I only wish to have my own little piece of the pie within this massive world & universe, and even though I haven’t reached that place yet, I’m looking in every possible direction for my way there.. I’ve picked a descent, short, easy name to remember for my website, & now my main goal is to somehow make it successful enough to generate income which will in-turn give me my little piece of the pie, securing my future as well as my children’s futures.. So, if your reading my profile, and you have seen my website or any of the pages I have designed or maintain & you can offer any help or solution to my goals, I am always happy to make new friend’s & contacts on my never ending quest for knowledge and glory! Thanks for stopping by & taking the time to read, & as always, I wish you a blessed day..