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嗨! 我是DONNA,我是專業網頁設計師,目前專注於WordPress網頁設計及挑選適合主機架站。



你可以在 www.sophia-design.com.tw 找到我,或者你可以發郵件(sophiating2@gmail.com)給我。

Hi! I am DONNA, I am a professional web designer and currently focus on WordPress web design and picking the right host.

I help SMEs design company image pages, I like to research website optimization and help customers find quality models, let customers
The home will use a more satisfactory fee to achieve a website that suits you and is satisfied.

I am best at helping business owners promote their businesses in a simple way. I have worked with more than 20 SMEs and have written more than 20 small business establishment programs. Very keen to help business owners increase the visibility of their business.

If you have difficulty with the application, you can contact me on the phone or describe your problem by E-mail. Would you like to work with me to discuss the details? I am happy to hear from you.
You can find me at www.sophia-design.com.tw, or you can email me (sophiating2@gmail.com).