I work as a remote freelance SEO contractor. I help with various technical SEO issues for multiple industries. After 20 years of digital marketing experience, I have had the rewarding opportunities to help small to medium-size business owners achieve first-page Google rankings for top-rated keyword phrases.

2019 I started Strateguyz Marketing. In order to help teach others that want to learn or find out the latest news on SEO Google Algorithms. Plus to provide hands on SEO/Website solutions and updates.


Great Content
Latest Machine Learning Technology
US/World History
Solar Energy/ Going Off The Grid

WordPress Origin Story

WordPress appealed to me about 8 years ago, while I was learning other programs such as Joomla or Drupal. More sites and communities began offering this thing called “OPEN SOURCE”. A lot of great interactive site platforms began offering free DIY sites. Most of the sites that offered the “DIY” no coding required drag and drop websites, were clunky, slow loading, and limited in making actual HTML changes. Then along came WordPress. The perfect solution regardless if you a developer or someone that has never designed a site in your life. WordPress became the standard because of the massive flexibility to add “plugins” software to achieve different outcomes on the site. Such as forms, email marketing, slideshows, videos, landing pages, editing tools, and technical tools to help the site run faster. WordPress is not exactly perfect, however, there is a lot of “bloat”. but it has leveled the playing field for thousands of developers and business owners.


Angie Simons contributes 4 hours per week to the Meta team.

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