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Although only recently retired, and enjoy my own company, I do like to “carry on learning” – so having worked in distance selling of e cigarettes, I decided I would try myself, to set up my own e-commerce store.


My interests, unfortunately (I suppose) seem to match my age. I am retired, so spend much time at home, playing about with website creating, reading and gardening. Also love a nice coffee break, accompanied with an e-cigarette. Best4Ecigs.uk is the place I last worked prior to my retirement so am fully aware of such products. But this time, I am going to be marketing adult products, games and clothing. Well – I’ll see how it goes, wish me luck?!

WordPress Origin Story

I got involved with WordPress about 12 months ago, after doing a lot of research into Magento (which was operated in my workplace), Shopify, Big Commerce Eventually, I managed to download a copy of WordPress and was so very surprised with the number of free plugins available to automate the business…So, now to the present, basically I have been let down by the hosting company, who have confiscated my files, and therefore I am starting again, after having another rethink. I decided first to have a go with Shopify again, and Dropified – had a good look around, and saw that WooCommerce were putting themselves forward as providing a drop shipping service, which is where I am. But I thought? why should I pay?, WordPress is free of charge, as is woo commerce as a plugin – so here I am ready to go, and just about to download WordPress again, followed by WooCommerce etc. Wish me luck.