Master’s degree in clinical psychology. Honours Degree in English. 4 years as a lifeline counselor.
Employed by Microsoft as 2nd Lead consultant to Government clients for huge contracts. Guest writer for Microft’s in-house “Work, wealth and Well-being magazine”.
Married for 34 years. Have one daughter and twin sons.
Was CEO of an ICT company employing about 160 employees. Clashed with many senior executives over their racist beliefs and practices. Resigned after a year and am now following a different career path with a great partner, with equal shares, and much arguing and debating about business plans. But we both listen carefully to each other and resolve issues amicably.

WordPress Origin Story

We are in the process of developing apartments and hotels for the huge African consumer market drawn to Johannesburg for its huge development industries and very cheap prices. The platform we agreed on was WordPress, together with Elementor and Woo commerce which provides a variety of payment methods for our clients. And the software allows clean and secure accounting through the most commonly used credit Woo payment portals.

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