Hi there,
Would you please assist me to fix my profile i.e user name sheaterraorganic. Recently I have changed my domain name from sheaterraorganic to 100percentskincare. My hosting company is 1&!. I can’t fix it myself.
Secondly, I have some technical issues. How I can contact and get full support. Thanks.


Imtiaz Ahmad
571-428-7777 Cell

WordPress Origin Story

Hello WordPress!
To whom it may concern:
Believe me, I have a long story to share with you like a life story. Its a long history and long journey and finally reach to WordPress and got stuck. I started my journey with Weebly hosting business package for I was almost zero website developing, hosting, plan, Seo, etc. A good friend of mine who started to develop my website and sign a business plan with Weebly for $300 a year. Weebly right away charged to my account. I really can;t afford even $10 due financial issues. My friend left the website incomplete with many errors. I worked myself as a owner and re-seller worked day and night like crazy with help of Google Adwords and some other third party sources and finished it and start running.
My gross was almost nothing and I was spending too much on Ad at Google, FB etc. and trying my luck over and over but successful. I understand that is called business win or lose. I decided to close my website and ad. After few months I activated my website again and decided to migrate from Weebly to WP. I got two hosting package and I asked several times from Weebly to provide me .sql database but they refused. I tried some other third party tools to migrate data and it did not work. The 1&1 could not help for WP like a big no. I have been advised to do it manually. Believe me I entered 114 products from CSV file to WP one by one.
I really got lost and very much disappointed with WP, Woo commerce, 1&1 technical support. I stared the journey and got stuck in jungle of WP, Woo and 1&1.
I feel like I bought a cow with this hope that she will give me milk everyday, but now I realize that cow I bought with many children. Now the cow stop give me the milk but I have to feed and taking care of the cow and the children as well …?
I am keep on spending money and try different themes. At this point in time I have two Storefront themes (parent and child) are active and both are the same. I don’t like the child theme (storefront). I thinking to replace it with (NETO). I don’t know it will be compatible with storefront or not. I have sent email message. I waiting for their response.
However, I got lost where to go. I am not hopeless and still long way to go.If you can help me will be big help.
Thank you very much. Please be in touch if you can. My contact number is below.
Best regards,
Imtiaz Ahmad
571-428-7777 Cell

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