Hi there, My name’s Craig Jones, and enjoy internet marketing in my free time. My day job is as the owner-operator of BPC Auto Inspect specializing in pre-purchase car inspections in Brisbane, QLD Australia.

Becoming a qualified motor mechanic when I left school taught me more than just how to fix and inspect cars. It also taught me how to problem-solve and find solutions. I always remember the words of wisdom from a wise old master, “to be able to fix something you must know how it works first”.

After becoming a tradesman in 1993 it was time to leave the nest and spread the wings. So I traveled around Australia. In my travels, I met another wise old master who said, “You know life is back the front, when you’re young you have energy but no money but when you’re old you have money but not so much energy”. It sort of went something like that but at the time I thought about it for a while and realised there is a lot of truth to it. With myself being young and full of energy but without a lot of money I had to find a solution. Welcome to globalization and the internet.

WordPress Origin Story

Living and working in Japan as an English teacher in 2001 is when I first bought a computer and jumped online to surf the net (do people still say that?). Anyway, I suppose this was just the beginning of my love-hate relationship with a computer. When it didn’t work or the screen froze I found myself cursing Bill Gates and every other thing you need to be connected. Confess, at times “user problem”.

I was introduced to by Eric’s Tips in 2009 after I created my first eBook “Buying A Private Car” and small business, have never looked back. I find so flexible and versatile.

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