PHP/Wordpress developer passionate about open source technologies.

WordPress Origin Story

I worked with independent journalism from 2019 to 2021, sharpening my abilities with remote team work, online project managing, publication coordination, and some basic front-end/web design with basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies, all that implemented trough WordPress CMS.

Recently, I worked as a WordPress developer at EvolutionSoft, where I used to handle websites maintenance, new features implementation on client demands and API integrations through plugins or PHP code. As part of my job, I also implemented security measures to prevent spam bots and brute force attacks and made sure the SEO for those sites was in accordance with Google standards. Through research an opportunity of working in a production environment, I also managed to handle some interesting results with WP Rest API, manipulating WP Core functions and setting e-commerces with WooCommerce.

Currently, I’m searching for new opportunities and studying, both for graduation purposes as for my professional growth. I love programming and hope to be able to work in meaningful projects if given the chance.


Sandro Schutt contributes 6 hours per week to the Community team.

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