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Salt Therapy and its European Well-known Beneficial Effects in Respiratory Diseases
The advantages of salt treatment (additionally called Halotherapy) or speleotherapy are surely understood and archived in Europe. Halotherapy utilizes dry vaporized miniaturized scale particles of salt and minerals to treat respiratory maladies and tries to repeat the states of speleotherapy (from Greek speleos=cave), a treatment that has been polished in old salt mines of Eastern Europe since the mid nineteenth century.
In the mid eighteenth Century a Polish wellbeing official Felix Botchkowski, saw that the specialists of salt mines did not get sick with lung infections. He composed a book about the impacts of salt dust in 1843. His successor M. Poljakowski established a Salt Spa in Velicko close Krakow, which is still in operation. Amid the Second World War salt therapy mines were regularly utilized as bombproof havens. In the wake of investing energy there numerous individuals who experienced asthma felt that their wellbeing had become better! Today there are numerous salt sanatoriums in Europe (Austria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia…).
The Halotherapy has a place with the class of the active recuperations non-drug and non intrusive medicines of ailments. In the previous Soviet Union, medicinal scientists occupied with a purposeful push to create active recuperations keeping in mind the end goal to maintain a strategic distance from the expenses and reactions of medication treatment and microbial and tumor resistance. Russia has turned into the world pioneer in creating and testing new and progressively compelling non-intrusive treatments. A large portion of the clinical trials have concentrated on Halotherapy as a treatment of asthma and interminable bronchitis furthermore exceptionally compelling as a fundamental or adjuvant treatment over the whole scope of upper and lower respiratory tract maladies.
Respiratory maladies are a noteworthy reason for dreariness and mortality around the world. Most medication treatments of respiratory infections have just palliative impacts, and numerous have noteworthy reactions, particularly those with corticoids or steroids. In this way, an exercise based recuperation like Halotherapy is extraordinarily required.
Speleotherapy additionally makes an extraordinary interest on patients’ opportunity. The mines are not strategically placed for the vast majority and the aggregate expense is genuinely noteworthy.
The viability of speleotherapy is not recognized in all nations of the world, but rather in nations like Romania (Praid, Tg.Ocna,Seiged, Sovata, Slanic, Ocna), Poland (Wieliczka), Germany (Teufelshöhle), Austria (Hallen, Solzbad-Salzeman), Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Nakhichevan mines in Azerbaijan, the salt vaporized assumes an essential part in the treatment of constant respiratory sicknesses, functioning admirably with or without medicinal treatment and with no known reactions. In light of these, pregnant ladies with asthma or other respiratory maladies could utilize this treatment with no damage to the youngster. Extremely surely understood and acknowledged in these center eastern European nations, this treatment is secured by the general social insurance framework. In Romania there are likewise numerous salt lakes – Sovata with 7 salt lakes, Ocna Sibiului with 52 salt lakes in S-W of Transilvania, exceptionally surely understood in the treatment of barrenness, metabolic diseases,skin infections. These salt lakes were generally shaped by caving in of salt caverns roofs. All these salt lakes have distinctive saltiness, expanding with profundity – from 9g/l to 320g/l.
This salt treatment being extremely surely understood for its useful impacts, a Romanian innovator puts his brain at work and built up a gadget that can replicate a speleotherapy smaller scale environment in your home in a moderate and advantageous way. Universally perceived, with Gold and Silver decoration at “Salon International des Inventions”,Geneva and “World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technology”, Brussels, this Romanian creation gets new trusts the normal treatment of incessant respiratory sicknesses.
The innovator thought this gadget as an air salinizer that uses constrained ionization of the indoor air by salt sublimation making a small scale atmosphere of dry vaporized salt treatment in your living space. He utilized a characteristic procedure of salt crystallization to acquire salt smaller scale gems under 5µm in breadth, imperceptible to human eyes, having the capacity to enter profound into the lung. The gadget utilizes just characteristic salt from inside of the pile of salt, untreated or touched by the human preparing innovation.