Sally Turner


Welcome to my profile. My name is Sally Turner. I’m 26 years old, working at my neighborhood bar called Tax’s Grove and studying finances at night classes in Dallas University. Everything is going great for me, both professionally and personally.
I’m living with Trevor, the love of my life and my job is great. The only problem I had was that my ears started ringing and it didn’t stop for weeks and months. But this problem was soon solved Tinnitivix (read about it at https://medium.com/@thehackedmind/fast-acting-ear-ringing-relief-689e3162093f). After taking it, the sounds started to go away gradually, until just a few days later there was nothing left. And to think that I was even thinking of quitting my job as I couldn’t hear the customers anymore with all the noise and my ear problem.
Now that all is good again with my job and my school, I’m even starting to think about family, maybe having children soon. But we will see how that goes.