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I have been at it for close to a year no going almost nonstop to get everything set up. I am ready to let this thing off its chain. I wanted an almost complete automated website and with a lot of help and tons of research shes about ready to go get em.

WordPress Origin Story

I started out with a hosting company who did not even have an ip address located in the united states. So as soon as we went live with the site all hell broke loose. Somewhere it set off somebody’s lets give Tommy a real bad day alarm. Well that was my first and longest time having a website up on the internet. We left that hosting company for another one but could only have our new website look like a website from the mid 90:s era. I kept reading about different plugins and how they can really do the trick if you know what I mean. Well this new hosting company was not at all close to co compatible with WordPress at all. And the domain name I used was the name of my company and the name was stuck in place for its trial period. So we did leave runjojo.com behind and moved up in a sad way. After a lot of trials and even more disappointments we found our calling (niche) as they call it. We currently have four websites active on the wordpress platform and a few backing up really fast. I really like WordPress because if WordPress does’t have it, stick around they will before you know it. WE are still new at all of this, however when I have any questions i just reach out to your fan base and they are more than happy to assist any way they can. We are looking forward to this exciting new career. I will write more in the blog coming up.

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