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My name is Steven Ruesch and I am the owner of Ruesch.Tech. Since 10 years I am specialized in implementing digital solutions with the purpose of increasing revenue or performance for my clients.

I am not a programmer. But I understand the concept behind it very well and with my team at Ruesch.Tech, we implement useful solutions. Our plug-ins represent that.

This starts with very basic concepts like building a website that automatically generates new business for clients. But it also expands into attaching the website to a CRM system so that all leads receive automatic messages per SMS including an automatic price estimation for the home they are planning on selling. Of course the calculation is done in real time integrating with a data source.

Recently we have done lots for work for GDPR. Getting performance from a websites despite GDPR restrictions.

WordPress Origin Story

At the beginning of the universe, when all was done with HTML and CSS I became frustrated learning how to HTML and CSS. When I was confronted with PHP, I realized that there has more to life than textbooks and 1 and o complexities.

I set off to find another solution. I discovered many that were bright, shining and complex. So to use these, I still had to read large textbooks. But my world changed, when I started using WordPress. it was simple and I could start within minutes. (Apart from the lack of Menu-Function)

And since then I have been using it. Time and time again, I have been approached to convert but no solution offered the same flexibility and access as WordPress.

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