Discover endless possibilities with Rizwan, a versatile freelancer excelling in web development, SEO, content creation, and virtual assistance. Elevate your brand, optimize SEO, and boost efficiency with tailored solutions. Skills include UI/UX design (Figma), web development (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript), WordPress expertise (theme/plugin dev, security, WooCommerce), SEO/SMM (keyword research, link building, social media campaigns), content creation (blogging, video editing, graphics), and virtual assistance (admin tasks, data entry, social media management, email marketing). Experience innovation and success with a multifaceted professional.


Md. Rizwanul Haque contributes 5 hours per week to the following teams: Marketing, Photos, Plugins, Support, Test, Themes, and Training.

  • Member Since: February 13th, 2016
  • Location: Rajshahi, Bangladesh
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