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I run an Seo agency in Parramatta and there’s nothing I love doing more than Web Design and search engine optimisation. I also enjoy participating in forums and lending a hand when I can.

When it comes to Seo you have the ability to do what any human being has done before you. Although this comparison may not hold true when it comes to being a professional golfer or 100m sprint runner because of uncontrollable genetic advantages, when it comes to Seo, no person is at a disadvantage and even a person of average intellect can achieve greatness in the field of Seo.


I enjoy all things associated with Seo and love finding and learning new software to make my workflow more efficient. Two programs that I’ve come to rely upon heavily lately is Dragon NaturallySpeaking and my Copy Paste Software. Navigating to websites by just saying their name and opening folders deep in my computer by using an open command saves me a ton of time.

I also save tons of time by being able to paste in things that I’ve copied hours ago without having to go back and recopy them again. I can also copy multiple items at once and then go to another window and paste them in one after another. This is truly an amazing time saver when it comes to designing websites and performing Seo. My other two passions are chess and motorbikes.

WordPress Origin Story

Many many years ago when I initially started a blog about social dynamics I stumbled upon a great tutorial on how to set up a website using WordPress. The blog post explained all the benefits of using WordPress and why it was a great platform of choice for most site owners. To this day I am still grateful that those first few years weren’t spent mucking around with Joomla or Drupal as it’s been a huge advantage for me to have such a long and extensive experience with just WordPress alone. I’m sure I could have easily spent months getting up to speed with other platforms but to this day I’m grateful that I invested all of my time into WordPress.