I’m Rebecca Diamond – Mom to 1 kid & 2 cats, Wife, Geek, Fiber Artist, and a Messianic believer.

I do a little of this and a little of that for Reaktiv Studios – from customer support to QA, documentation to Twitter.

I live in Canada, and love the ability to work remotely because there’s not much else to do in the long winters here. 😉


I love to break things. No, really, I do. If there’s a bug, chances are, I’ll find it or it will find me.

I also really love to help people (I’m a Hufflepuff, an ENFP, and Ten is my Doctor…I can’t help but help people.)

Give me a n00b, and I’ll have them up and running in next to no time – baby WordPressers are the best! I love their enthusiasm and desire to learn.

WordPress Origin Story

I first started playing with WordPress when it was on version 1.5.1; I needed a website for my tiny photography business and I couldn’t afford one (see, “tiny”, above.)

That segued relatively quickly into my own web development shop, and I began working with small clients, then slightly larger clients, etc.

I ran into Brian Gardner in the Revolution days and started helping out, which segued into a full-time gig with StudioPress in 2009. I stayed with StudioPress/Copyblogger/Rainmaker until May of 2017, when I launched out on my own again, only to land with Reaktiv Studios in July 2017.

There’s just something about working with companies that do WordPress really, really well that I enjoy! 😀

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