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Full-stack web developer focused on WordPress, Laravel and ReactJS.
Currently building a better web at enterprise scale at XWP.


WordPress, Podcasts, Video Games. Mixology.

Contributions Sponsored

XWP sponsors Ramsés Del Rosario to contribute 3 hours per week to the following teams: Core and Documentation.

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  • Posted a reply to Yoast 19 adding sitemap links in robots to all sites – multisite, on the site Forums:
    This can be achieved now after version 19.8 using the wpseo_should_add_subdirectory_multisite_xml_sitemaps filter. add_filter( 'wpseo_should_add_subdirectory_multisite_xml_sitemaps', '__return_false'…

Español de República Dominicana (Spanish (Dominican Republic)) Translation Contributor - #es_DO

Gutenberg and WordPress 6.1.x - Development