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WordPress Origin Story

After retirement, I wanted to be active. I had the information Technology experience from my bank. While googling various aspects, I fell in love for WordPress.Started visiting various youtube videos on “how to make WordPress website”It was very interesting, similar to core banking solutions I was handling in the bank. It took me about two months in learning and I started my first website after that. Since then I have sold one website, and one is on sale. These were all blog sites.
Then I graduated to an e-commerce website. Now I am running successfully one Amazon affiliate website. One of the greatness of WordPress is that you need not to learn any technical language. Everything is available in the form of plugins. You name it and WordPress org will provide you. Surprisingly I am running my website by using all free assets available in WordPress org. I am paying only for my own domain (annual fee) and hosting charges. Rest all I am using free plugins.You name it,theme,CDN,Mail,SEO,e-commerce,all free.
I am thankful to WordPress for providing such a great CMS and all apps (Plugins) for creative development.

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