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I’ve been proudly using WordPress to power my websites and the sites of my clients for 7+ years. I focus on HTML, CSS some JavaScript (still developing my JS skills), PHP & MySQL.

I use the Underscores Starter Theme as the foundation of my themes and customize websites with it and I often use Bootstrap for the front end design & functionality of the sites.

I also create YouTube Videos dedicated to teaching people how to use WordPress to power their websites and I’ve answered over 700+ WordPress questions on Quora.

Needless to say, I’m helping to spread the word on why people should be using WordPress to power their websites.


Besides building websites with WordPress, I like creating videos, learning new things like graphic design with Photoshop & Illustrator, working out in the backyard, BBQing and having fun with friends and family.

WordPress Origin Story

My journey to WordPress is somewhat unique. I’m the former Majority Leader of the NYC Council where I served for 0ver 12 years. Term limits kicked in and I transitioned to Real Estate and worked with Remax and then Keller Williams, both great companies.

I realized I needed a website, reached out to some high end agencies, got quoted a small fortune and decided to learn how to code. I figured I could do it in a short time frame (HA) joke was on me.

I learned HTML, CSS then some JavaScript which I’m still learning, I learned PHP (PHP is awesome) then MySQL. Built out my website and I was good. I attached IDX to my site and I had my very own version of Zillow, Trulia etc.

I then started using WordPress and to make a long story short, I created my little freelance website PixemWeb and converted all my websites to WordPress and offering WordPress Services from maintenance, setups and custom website designs with WordPress.

I created websites for lawyers, realtors, non-profits, elected officials and bloggers.

WordPress is awesome.

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