Professionally Qualified TEFL and TESOL English Language Teacher with 13 years teaching experience in teaching within Birmingham and also Jiangsu Province, China:
(Also holds China Specialist certification)

Offers English Language tuition within Birmingham City Centre.

Rates from £8 /person p/hour
Beginners to intermediate
Small group settings
Wednesday evenings and/ or Saturday afternoons

I began teaching at the end of 1999, mainly to the Korean and Chinese students here in Birmingham and expanded to teach other communities such as: Iranian, Japanese. In 2003, I went to China to pursue a teaching career thus working in schools from mixed abilities, from a diverse range of ages: children and adults alike. A couple of times having to take teaching lessons in the local parks to the locals!

I arrived back in the UK and carried on mentoring and teaching English; and now teaching folk from China, Lithuanian and also British folk who needed help with reading writing and spelling (dyslexia).

What ever your ability, beginner or intermediate I can help you with your speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills, primarily to learn English as a foreign language.

Please feel free to contact me for further information

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