I am a Jess-of-all-trades who is equal parts alchemist, wanna-be wanderer, wordsmith, code wrangler, and visual artist.


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WordPress Origin Story

I started with WordPress in 2006 as a blogger. Over the last 6 years, I have been diving deep into PHP, jQuery, mySQL, HTML, and CSS, within the structure of WordPress development. I love the twentyseventeen theme, FacetWP filters, Advanced Custom Fields, $wpdb, and wp_localize_script. I’m still getting my feet wet, but can already see amazing possibilities with Gutenberg blocks. As a strategic thinker, I have become enamored with WordPress’ evolution from a blogging platform to a content management system. More specifically, how it’s robustness can be used to assist businesses operations. I even gave a talk on the subject at WordCamp Orange County in 2016: ‘Stop the Marauding Spreadsheets’.

I consider myself an Advanced Custom Fields ninja as I have figured out how to make the plugin do amazing things, such as open forms in modal windows, update and save fields on AJAX commands, as well as save to custom database tables rather than to wp_postmeta.

ACF Achievement Unlocked: I was able to reduce 175,425 rows from the wp_postmeta table to 8,727 within a custom table. I used AJAX to load and save the form data within multidimensional arrays which were assigned to each table column by class name. That’s a 96% reduction in table rows.

Within my local WordPress community, I attend the Inland Empire WordPress Workshop meet up and contribute to our Facebook group. I enjoy the workshop meet up because I get to spend time sitting with others and helping them figure out how to make the most of their WordPress sites. I will also be speaking at the 2018 WordCamp Riverside on the topic of ‘Fun with Fonts’.

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