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Genevieve and Dan Simperingham are the co-founders of the Peaceful Parent Institute in New Zealand. The Peaceful Parent Institute offers support to parents, caregivers, teachers and those interested in practicing healthier and more respectful ways of relating to babies, children, teens and parents.

PPI ( offer courses to parents of babies, young children and teenagers, we offer seminars and professional development to Early Childhood Educators and we run Leadership Camps for groups of youth (through high schools). Genevieve and her husband Dan both offer parent coaching (Dan coaches fathers) to parents all around the world through private, phone and skype consultations.

PPI supports parents to gain a deeper understanding and develop strategies to meet the needs of everyone within the family system. We support a parenting model that’s based on fostering secure attachment, empathy and a safe, loving relationship between parent and child, one that is free of punishments, threats, bribes or coercion.

We teach the communication skills that are invaluable in all situations and relationships, especially when setting limits, asserting boundaries and mediating conflict.

Parents are supported to explore the effects of their childhood on their relationship with their child. PPI supports parents in their journey of self-healing and learning skills that help them reduce their stress, anxiety, fears and anger.

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