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  • Job Title: Chief Technology Officer
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I manage product roadmaps and technology initiatives at some fantastic organizations and have the privilege of leading teams of incredible developers.

* Director of Engineering @ Speed Leasing
* Chief Technology Officer @ Guacho Plugins
* Chief Technology Officer @ Battlestar Digital

In my off time, I love strength training and sci-fi.


My wife and kids, Battlestar Galactica, plugin development

  • Committed [2527278] to Plugins SVN:
    * Added a premium feature allowing administrators to configure ...

  • Committed [2519339] to Plugins SVN:
    * Fixed a bug with the Exclude Shipping and Exclude Tax settings * ...

  • Committed [2517851] to Plugins SVN:
    * Tested with WooCommerce 5.2.1 * Minor tweaks to installation ...

  • Committed [2517843] to Plugins SVN:
    Initial public release.

  • Committed [2463077] to Plugins SVN:
    Modernized the WP Admin upgrade page, MemberPress integration

  • Committed [2455837] to Plugins SVN:
    1.5.7 - Minor updates.

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    Hey guys, Great plugin! Do you have an ETA for when …