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WordPress Origin Story

In late 2016, together with a passionate team of WordPress addicted fanatics finally learnt how to `Optimize Your (and Every) WordPress site`.

A team of technicians, engineers, researchers, lots of year of experience, grown side by side with Internet, too often overwhelmed by code and coding.
WordPress passionate, finally.

Challenged by clients to improve WordPress site performances, invested time and efforts in developing a working system to solve this need.

And with a motto:
“We simply like what we do, we do it well, with passion.
Please, don’t let us speak by word, let us do our job and make your WordPress site fly.”

In middle 2017 this became a solo 3.5 years challenge, in a international team of ~50, on working at an enterprise stack based on WP/Woo.

With 2021 a new journey began, together with Novembit, Armenian company, to build the new stack for WP/Woo able to meet in full the new requirements of Google Core Web Vitals.
August 2021 some WP/Woo e-commerce is already live, target achieved, scores in the range of a full GREEN 90-100 for both Mobile and Desktop!
Now, with this brand new technology, it’s time to help others achieving the same huge results with their sites.

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    Thanks Josepha, this is great news to hear! Happy September and 5.9 release!

    3 weeks ago