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Expert Media designer and developer. Highly sociable nerd.
Pixel fundamentalist. All digital channels. Code is Poetry.
Nothing in the world, it works as we think.

WordPress Origin Story

My origins with Media Design starts with Adobe in graphics (Ps, Ai) and then in video editing, special effects composition and what little there was in the 90s of motion graphics (Pr, Ae).
And I found the webs terrible, horrible, very ugly in those years. Until I saw a website made in Flash: super animated! and it did not weigh as much as the graphics that were uploaded (internet was for “narrow band”). They were beautiful, not like the ones made by those who programmed in html. So I advanced on Fl, Dw and As3. I like studying a lot, it’s kind of things. I bought books of 500 pages (the smallest ones). Anyway: I did very good jobs with Flash, but PHP was not what was coming: It was already! And, after hating ASP, I took courage and decided to learn something.
But it was not enough to get a job he loved: a news portal, for a great trend magazine in Buenos Aires. I presented it, likewise. They loved it … But I had no way to allow multiple logs from publishers like WP.
In what year did this happen? In 2004, one year after the appearance of WP. And in BA, there was a tribe that adopted it immediately. AND IT WAS THEN WHEN I UNDERSTOOD that, if I wanted to continue working on this, I needed to LEARN WORDPRESS.
At first I had it as an accessory for my clients to publish news. Today I can not think of making a website with another platform other than WordPress. It is amazing. Every day they surpass themselves. It’s a wonder: I think you caused the true explosion in communications in this century, even more than Google and Android. I am very sure of that.
I am very grateful to you. I hope one day they come to Argentina but not to work, do business and give lectures! To enjoy a good time, day and night, as I worked a lot of time (30 years) as an MC and DJ in clubs here.
A big brother hug.

EXTRA: My English writing is quite strange, but Google Translator makes me look worse.
EXTRA II: The phrase “Code is Poetry” causes me deep emotion. Now I understand. Moreover, I designed and use a shirt with it.

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