Hey There! I’m Nayan Thakor living in Ahmedabad, India. I am a web developer with good knowledge of WordPress, CodeIgniter, Laravel (Basic), and ReactJS (Basic). I love doing code and contributing what I know to the circle I am connected to.


WordPress, WooCommerce, plugins, and themes.


Nayan Thakor contributes 3 hours per week to the following teams: Accessibility, CLI, Community, Core, Design, Documentation, Hosting, Marketing, Meta, Mobile, Openverse, Photos, Polyglots, Support, TV, Test, Themes, Tide, and Training.

  • Member Since: June 26th, 2022
  • Location: Ahmedabad
  • GitHub: nayanthakor
  • Job Title: Team Lead (WordPress)
  • Employer: Aimsinfososft
  • Find me on:

ગુજરાતી (Gujarati) Translation Contributor - #gu

Any CPT Listing Block, WP Job Manager, and WordPress 6.2.x