A gamer and geek at heart, I’ve always been drawn to technology, especially computers. It took some time before I combined technology and my love of puzzles into software development, but that is hands down one of my favorite things. That is, taking a problem and making it disappear with software. I also find myself outdoors a lot especially on boats or on the basketball court.

WordPress Origin Story

I’ve always loved open source software and wordpress has been my go to blog platform without question for years. Being a developer I had always customized things here and there to get wordpress to fit into those awkward nooks and crannies. This was until one day I needed a plugin for a custom deploy on our USB Memory Direct blog and decided rather than install a heavy duty plugin I would just whip up one of my own. Since I had officially put together something more than just hacked up code I thought I’d share what I’ve worked on over the years so others could benefit from all those hours searching for the bug when it turns out it’s just a misspelled variable 🙂

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    Initial Release of Simple Custom Author Profiles