Online small business consultant. Designing and building websites since 1995.
That’s right, I was around when the internet began taking over the world. HA!
I broke my back in 1995 which required surgery and I needed something to occupy my time during my year long healing process. So, after begging my wife and giving her every reason why “WE” needed a computer, I purchased a used IBM tower system for $700.00, and when I say tower, I mean it was a tower. “Unit stood almost 3 feet high”.
The system sounded like a small jet engine taking off when you turned it on. Back then it was not uncommon for a system to have 2-6 cooling fans in them.The cooler the unit was, the better it ran.
PC had an IBM chipset with 8MB of RAM (Yes, I said 8MB) and 500MB HD. (That was the bomb back then) and it wasn’t even a Pentium.

All of my neighbors (5 of them) also purchased PC’s during that time and our block became PC central. We would see who could have the best computer by constantly adding newly released, upgraded PCI cards for audio, video, you name it, if we could upgrade it we would. (Good Times!)
I was so amazed at how this computer could accomplish so many task, I had to know how it worked. So the very next day I went to the library and check out books on computers and coding. At the time there were not many options but it was enough for me to learn from.

Then I decided to really understand how this 3 foot high chunk of goodness really worked. Grabbed a few tools and completely dissembled my newly acquired dream machine. I mean I took everything out, even the mother board. Laid everything out on the table and learned as much as I could about each part.
While enjoying this magical time of electronic adventure, my wife walked in seeing what I have done. Never forget the look on her face. You would have thought I killed someone the way she looked at me and yelled. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!”. I assured her that I could put it all back together, at least I hoped and believed I could.
The next day I spent re-assembling everything back together. I felt like a doctor in an operating room conducting a heart transplant. I would handle each piece like it was made of fine china, careful not to break it or ruin the RAM sticks with static electricity,

With the unit fully assembled, I hit the power button and my dream machine…..did NOTHING! My first thought was “OH SH*T I killed it!” I spent a couple of hours trying not to freak out and let on to my wife what was REALLY going on.
Then I realized something that to this day is the first thing I check when I diagnose a PC. “IS IT PLUGGED IN?” Yes, I failed to plug the system back in after reassembling it. I was so excited that I was able to do what I did by doing some research ( A LOT of research) I over looked the life line that gave this amazing tower of goodness life.
I plugged it in and what do you know, that wonderful jet like sound began roaring, the clicking sounds began clicking and the little lights began dancing and the screen popped on with the windows 3.1 start screen. Yes! I did it and have been doing it every since.

I kind of miss that old dial up sound when the PC would dial into the internet provider. “eee-ooo-errr-ooo”. but I DO NOT miss the 500-900kbs connection speed nor do I miss paying $5 an hour to be connected and getting kicked off when the phone lines became to jammed up. I sent my first email that same day to my neighbor and was amazed when he replied back. I told my wife, “This is the coolest thing ever. LOOK! he emailed me back.” Yes, it was the little things in life that excited me most back then. (LOL)

Did not plan on writing all of this, not sure why I have, but if I could pass on one thing it would be this.
Don’t allow the fear of the unknown to dictate your actions. Believe in yourself, have confidence in yourself and keep trying till you get it right. ANYTHING is possible, you only have to first BELIEVE you can do it.


WordPress Origin Story

First off a HUGE THANK YOU to ALL of the people who have contributed to WordPress! Great Job!!
I think it was mid 2003, when WP launched it’s first version, I was like a kid in a candy store. From writing html code using Note Pad in Windows 3.1, to more of a drag and drop setup using plugins.
At first I was a bit skeptical, however that changed very quickly after using WP for only few days.
Been using it every since. I have tried all of the Open Source CMS platforms but always ended up going back to WordPress.
It’s amazing just how far WP has come since that time. I can only imagine what it will be like even 5 years from now, how AI is becoming a huge part of internet use. Who’s knows, maybe by 2030 my not even have to use a mouse and keyboard, just tell it what you want and it creates it for you. “HA!!”. By that time I would be cool with that option.

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